Following the recent Community Council elections, the Sully Ward has 2 new Community Councillors. Rod Thomas and Chris Thorne were both elected as Community Councillors. Both of the new Councillors live in the Sully Ward.

At the recent Annual Meeting Cllr Thomas was elected as Chair for the next 12 months and Cllr Tatt has been elected as Vice Chair. Cllr Tatt has been a community Councillor for several years.

There is still a vacancy for a Community Councillor for the Lavernock Ward as a result of only one nomination being received prior to the elections. The number of Councillors for the Lavernock Ward increased to 2 since the previous elections as a result of a review of the ward undertaken by The Vale of Glamorgan Council. The co- option process is currently being undertaken and there have been 3 candidates for the vacancy.

Cllr Thomas said that he was keen that the Community Council involves itself fully in the community and listen to the concerns of residents and that it was in the process of preparing a community review which would help identify those areas that concerned all those who lived and worked in Sully and Lavernock.

Cllr Thomas also said that as a result of the change of the political landscape at the local authority the long fought for allotments at Hayes Road may now actually make significant progress. The other main issue at the moment was the joint application with the Saving Sully and Lavernock Group for Village Green status for the field at the Sully Sports and Social Club. Cllr Thomas said he was keen to work with and co-operate with other groups in the community for the benefit of the area. Cllrs Thomas and Tatt said they were privileged to be appointed to their positions and looked forward to taking the Community Council forward over the next 12 months.

The new council as follows                                                    

Rod Thomas Chris Tatt Michael Garland Ken Jones Lino Scaglioni Chris Thorne David Sylvestor Ian Barlot

End of Press Release

David G Roberts


Sully and Lavernock Community Council 4 June 2017

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